SERIANNO is a Turkish brand that believes in supreme quality and exquisite luxury. Founded in 1997 by Selahattin and Mustafa Seir as a knitwear brand with their own manufacturing facility for production, the vision was to specialize in cashmere and premium natural fibers offering elegant and timeless fashion knitwear.

The founders have continued to grow the brand over the years to become sought-after and highly successful. This has been possible through solid leadership and utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience of luxury yarn and knitwear production, which has earned them global recognition at both wholesale and retail. Currently owning five stand-alone stores in Turkey and 2 in Russia and selling globally directly to consumers, Serianno prides itself on offering timeless heirloom pieces that are contemporary, effortless, and elegant with carefully designed details and a perfect fit.

Serianno’s designs are a celebration of knitwear craftsmanship, combining creativity, premium quality yarns, and meticulous attention to detail. By keeping all production in-house, the brand is a symbol of sustainable luxury, offering complete transparency throughout the sourcing, production, and finishing processes to guarantee a garment that will last. A great deal of knowledge and dedication is invested in both design and manufacture with each piece lovingly and painstakingly crafted to offer a level of luxury that just gets better with time.

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