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Our company was meticulously founded by a team firmly committed to sustainability values. Our main goal is to create a positive impact by moving forward in line with economic sustainability while minimizing our environmental and social impacts.

Our home principles, rooted in our past, as the Serianno brand, produce beautiful and thoughtful designs that aim to create a sustainable fashion world that lasts between seasons. 
The fashion industry often depletes natural resources, increases waste and can contribute to unfair working conditions. We, at Serianno, are aware of these issues and are acting decisively to address these challenges. With a slow fashion approach, we try to minimize our environmental footprint by using long-lasting designs and innovative sustainable materials.

We are aware that this transformation process will take time and we accept that it will not happen completely all at once. However, consistently implementing actionable changes and a desire to make a more positive contribution to the world around us will help us drive social and environmental change in our business.

Our efforts will strengthen our commitment to moving towards a sustainable future and reflect our brand's commitment to fulfilling its social responsibilities. This long-term commitment will help us take our responsibility to our customers, employees and environment one step further.



Our Vision

As Serianno, we take decisive steps with the vision of a sustainable world. Our goal is to develop creative and innovative solutions to add value to society while minimizing our environmental impact.

Our products, shaped with fair business practices and sustainable materials, symbolize our commitment to leaving a greener and more ethical world to future generations. We invite you to this sustainability in the fashion world.

we invite you to join our journey.we invite you to join our journey.


Our Environmental Principles

As Serianno, we focus on goals such as increasing energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and optimizing our waste management.

These efforts reflect our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, from our business processes to our products.






As consumers become increasingly aware of the origins of their wool, brands and retailers expect ethical and sustainable practices from their wool suppliers. As Serianno, we have successfully obtained the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certificate in order to meet these expectations. RWS is a voluntary scheme that helps sheep farmers meet regular animal welfare and land management standards. This certification plays an important role in reinforcing our responsibility to customers and the industry, highlighting that our wool supply chain is based on ethics and sustainability.







As Serianno, we have successfully obtained the Organic Content Standard (OCS) certification for each of our non-food products containing 95-100 percent organic materials. This certification determines the presence and amount of organic material in our products. By monitoring all processes from raw material to final product, we guarantee customers the full compliance of our products with organic standards. This certification underlines our commitment to our environmental and sustainable production principles and reflects our commitment to providing customers with quality and organic products.










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