Why should I become a member of Serianno? What are the advantages of being a member?

Serianno membership;
•    Online order tracking
•    View order history
•    Be informed about discounts in advance
•    Edit personal information
•    Receive information about new updates
•    Create your favorite product list
•    Manage Serianno wallets and gift cards
It allows you to benefit from its privileges.

Can I order without being a member?

•    You can order without being a member of Serianno. After placing your order, log in to with the password and track your order.

I forgot my password; what should I do?

•    By clicking the I forgot my password button. If you enter the e-mail or GSM number you created as a member of, a password reset link will be sent.

Can I update my membership information?

•    You can update your contact information from the My Account tab.

How can I update my address information?

•    After logging in with your e-mail address and password, you can view and edit your existing addresses or add a new address by clicking on the "MY ADDRESSES" tab under the "MY ACCOUNT" link.


Online Shopping

Why should I become a member of Serianno? What are the advantages of being a member?

•    After creating your membership or logging in, you can start shopping immediately. After adding the products you want to buy to the cart, you can go to the payment page by clicking the "Cart" icon on the right side of the screen.
You can select your payment method on the open page, click the "Complete Order" button, and make a purchase.

Can I cancel my order?

•    You can cancel your order by following the "Cancellation Request" steps on the "My Account" - "My Orders" - "Order Details" page before the cargo is released. Based on your request, you will be contacted within 48 hours. When your cancellation request is approved, you will be informed via SMS.

Money has been debited from my card, but I cannot view my order. What should I do?

•    The order is pending at the accounting payment approval stage. Payment confirmation will be made within 24 hours. Your order number will be notified via SMS after you confirm your payment.

How can I view the status of my order?

•    You can check your order by following the "Order Details" steps on the "My Account" - "My Orders" page.



What are your payment options?

•    You can safely use all credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, TROY, and DINERS CLUB) for your purchases at Serianno.

I get an error on the payment screen; what should I do?

•    Check that your card is open to online shopping.
•    Check whether your card is available for use.
•    Make sure that your card's limit is sufficient.
•    Make Ensure you have entered the requested information about the card correctly.
•    Check whether your card's expiration date is valid.
•    If you use a virtual card, ensure your limit is sufficient.
Except for the cases mentioned above, please get support from your bank.

Is VAT included in the prices of the products listed on the site?

•    The products offered for sale on our site are listed with cash prices, including VAT.


Cargo Tracking

Which cargo company do you work with?

•    We work with UPS and Yurtiçi Kargo.

How many days is the order delivery time?

•   You can return the product within 7 days from the date you received it.

My order has been shipped. Can I change my address?

•    If the order has been shipped, the address change can only be made through cargo companies. You can contact our Customer Services team for your address change request.


Return Process

How can I make a return?

•    It is essential to us that you are satisfied with the products you purchase from However, if you want to return the product, follow the steps below.
You can create a refund request by following the "My Account" steps - "My Refund Requests." After selecting the order you want to return, you can finalize the process by choosing the "Cancellation Reason" and "Cancellation Return Type" options and clicking the "Save and Continue" button.

What is your return policy?

•    The return period is 14 days from the product deliverydate.
• You can return products whose labels are intact and have not lost their resellable properties.
• Returns of used, washed, or damaged products will not be accepted.

My return cargo has been delivered to you. How many days will my payment be made?

• Products arriving at our warehouse are examined for compliance with our return policy. When your return is accepted, you will be notified by e-mail, and we refund your money. The amount of the canceled product will be reported to your bank within 2-5 business days to be refunded to the credit card you paid with. If you paid by credit card, this information received by your bank will be reflected on your credit card statement according to the bank's working principles.

• If you have any problems during the refund payment process, you can fill out our contact form, send an e-mail to [email protected], or call our Customer Services at +90 537 367 52 43 on weekdays between 10:00 - 18:00 to get information.

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